About Us

Experience the value of having the right size staff, the right service skill set, and the right experience all at the right time.

Since 1987, MNSPECT has partnered with Minnesota communities of all sizes serving as their Designated Building Official, or providing supplemental Building Department and Inspections Services. MNSPECT serves municipalities as their Designated Building Official, or as an additional resource for short or long term solutions for Building Inspection and Safety Departments.

Our experienced, highly-qualified staff, technology-driven services, and comprehensive understanding of the Minnesota State Building Code allows us to provide superior service for homeowners, building owners, contractors and the municipalities we serve.

MNSPECT provides cost-effective solutions that result in high-quality services for communities, residents and contractors, with a positive impact on community budgets.

By serving as your designated building official, and Department of Building Safety, we become an extension of your community and serve as your partner. MNSPECT handles the administration and management of your building department including salaries and benefits, vehicles, insurance, technology, training and certifications. We can also provide the software to streamline permitting, inspection and plan review processes.

Designated Building Official

Building Services:
  • Plan reviews
  • Project support services
  • Building inspections
  • Contractor registration and licensing
  • Permitting
  • Code enforcement
  • Disaster response

In Addition to Building Official Duties

We also offer:
  • Electrical Permitting/Inspections
  • Annual Fire Safety Inspections
  • Rental Housing Inspections
  • Sediment & Erosion Control (SEC)
  • Zoning Code Enforcement
  • Plumbing Plan Review
  • RPZ Testing Program
  • Fire Code Consulting
  • Municipal Building Department back-up services
  • Truth-In-Housing Inspections
  • Property Maintenance Code Inspections